At Dasun group, we consider it our duty to work just as hard on collaboration and understanding as we do on our own creative design schemes: the final creation will be infinitely better as a result.

We become a Multimedia company and multi-services company with the most diverse industry ecosystem. 

Contribute to bringing the stories of Businesses/Brands to the minds of consumers across society.



Your ideas were heard, understood, and considered before any decisions were made & adapted in every situation to give the best direction to Customers with all my passion and enthusiasm.

Besides providing quality visual value – the story conveys a message that must have practical meaning.



CEO/Creative Director

As our Chief Executive Officer, The Anh sorts us all out and gets us back on track when we’re feeling flustered. His ability to stay focused through myriad distractions and pressures is inspirational, and he’s always reminding us that – regardless of what else is going on – if we concentrate on doing good work, everything else will fall into place.

The Anh has very much been a calming influence on the rest of us loopy lot. In the meantime, he’s quietly working away on some of our biggest, most ambitious projects.


Head Of Communications

As a person who likes to research and ponder business knowledge, Hai holds the position of Head of Communications at Dasun Creative. We always believe that with his acumen and intelligence, he will give the most groundbreaking things in the campaigns.

One of Hai’s favorite parts of the job is when differing disciplines interact to make a project come alive and by imparting knowledge and helping people wholeheartedly, as a Head of Communications at Dasun Creative, we can put “cherries on the cake” – show his hard work through each stage.


Art Director

Tram Anh’s relationship with draw started early on, and without her really knowing it. Since childhood she has loved photography, painting,… all of which require a deep awareness of “aesthetic taste”, and how to capture and represent it.

At Dasun Creative, Tram Anh’s puts her artistic talents to use by drawing during the design process. Drawing allows her to “feel” it deeply. Yet it’s not just the creative side of the job that gets her excited.


Executive Music Producer

After winning first place at The Debut, StillaD returned to the position of an Artist and Music Producer, He’s worked with some big names in the showbiz and has learned from the best – one being a “goliath in terms of music” the reason why he becomes a charmer in the eyes of others.

Music means everything to StillaD. As his career has progressed, so has his passion for music and his love for its ability to add a layer of the unexpected wherever you go.

He now joins us as an Executive Music Producer in Dasun Creative. He said: “You should never be frightened to make a mistake, but you should always be prepared to learn from them,”. And we are excited to learn from him, draw from his experiences, and absorb his attitude toward music being the element that gives heart and soul to any space.



Fascinated by the power of movies, plays, and even music – and he’s studied it and worked in various related fields ever since. What particularly attracted him to the role at Dasun was its diversity: “You get the chance to work on projects television commercials or music videos and more!”

A confessed meticulous at work, Thien spends a lot of time dunking brand personality or customer personality to get the best job done. We appreciate him for his dedication to his work.



Account Executive

Minh Anh can turn her hand to anything with ingenuity, dedication, and initiative in all work, which is why we have such a well-organized team and our office. When Minh Anh is working hard to come up with a new process or sort out Human Resource Management, customer care,… She can plan quickly.

We couldn’t have built a core team without her. All her efforts in the past made her who she is today.